Appointment other National Migraine Centre

Ino the last few weeks i have been for an appointment at the migraine centre and can absolutely say it was well worth the visit. I was seen by a specialist in migraine who understood was interested in what I had to say and wanted to help. I had been considering going for over a year and had put it off but wished I hadn't. I am off my Gabapentin at present and starting to implement a new regime to treat acute attacks as soon as I get pain and so far it's working. I haven't had a full blown got to go to bed headache yet ( touch wood) and the frequency has reduced. In addition I am loosing my day to day head foggyness from the gabapentin. I just need to be able to sleep through the night again (the gabapentin used to knock me out). I can definitely recommend this for anyone considering going.

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  • That is brilliant Agilityaddict!

    I am glad you had a good appointment. And you seem to have some treatment that is helping.

    Best wishes 💗

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