unusual (I think) cause of migraines

I've had daily migraines for years and tried everything I could find with the only help coming from triptons. Iv'e even been hospitalized. I finally thought what has been constant and came to the conclusion that it was my lisinopril for high blood pressure. I stopped lisinopril and started taking a back-up medicine I had and presto-within a few days my migraines are gone. something so simple and over-looked by all the specialized professionals I've seen amazing.

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  • Hiya. Fantastic LarryD!

    I'm glad they are gone for you.

    Why non of the medics thought about it - who knows? 🙄

    Common sense from patients once again prevails 😁

    Best wishes 💗

  • thx

  • Just shows you. I think half the time medications cause more trouble than they're worth. So glad you've sorted you headaches

  • thx

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