Hi everybody

thought i'd update as haven't been on for a while.

I have changed doctors and asked for a referral for a neurologist.

I have been and they have referred me for MRI scans for the veins and arteries in my head- this is in a few weeks. If there is anything untoward then i may need draining around my eye or a needle puncture to release the pressure around my brain.

I really hope this works, but recommend anyone to see a neurologist for advice.

Many thanks!

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  • Hello. I eventually saw an NHS neurologist, but I couldn't understand him; not from this country. Seen him twice now. He sent me for an MRI scan after first visit. He told me he was happy with the result but the second guesser wanted a further scan done due to a fluid filled vessel. He could not tell me more. I thought the the MRI scan showed the most, apparently not. He told me to cease triptan at first visit which I did; I believe he told me I could take 800 mg ibrufen, but no more than once a week, which I then did. On second OPD he told me that I should have stopped all such meds, and that ibrufen can cause further headaches. But as per the 123 diet by Dr Buchholz, they do not cause these rebound headaches. Give up. I should have asked him to explain. My hopes have been ruined by this neurologist because I was hoping beyond hope for the best care. At second OPD he asked if things had improved, and they had. He did not ask about intensity or frequency. I am a nurse; I assess better than he does. I should have pushed for a beta blocked but I suppose I wanted to carry on with my elimination diet; which so far is useless, despite eating porridge, gluten free and water for 3 days. If its not the oats, then knowing my luck it will be the water. I am really starting to give up.

  • I understand how you feel- i've had very regular migraines for 17 years and seems to be getting worse, been on all the meds from the GP that they throw, have now detoxed off them and now rely on sumatriptan which causes neck and joint pain, and Paracetamol 500mg/ Metclopramide 5mg effervescent powder sugar free sachets which seem to help but need this daily. I do really hope they will find something in the scans and that i'm not going crazy but hearing your story i'm getting a little worried. Gluten may affect some migraines, but have you written a food diary to see what food you regularly eat and what could be a trigger? I've cut out orange foods, citrus, chocolate and am trying to cut down on caffeine, but for me there's no definitive trigger. Please don't give up, we are all in the same boat and it's nice actually having people understand what you're going through so we can stand up and talk together. Don't hesitate to message me :)

  • I have also used beta blockers and this doesn't seem to help for me either- have tried a few. Have you tried Hijama/ cupping therapy for some relief? I have heard some people have had Daith piercings as this is in a pressure point and seems to help.

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