Topiramate anyone???

Hello everyone,

I saw my GP the other day. We discussed my migraines which are getting worse in frequency and severity. I am stopping my gabapentin thank goodness.

She has started me on topiramate, 25 mg once a day for a day increasing to twice a day from week 2.

Anyone had any success in it reducing their migraine frequency?

Side effects? In particular has anyone experienced sexual side effects?

I hope it works as it would be lovely to reduce the number of migraines I am getting. I was getting so tired as my body was sore from them.

Recently I had nearly 3 weeks of afternoon migraines starting at about 12.30-1pm. Nothing helped. Sumatriptan -no. Cocodamol-no. Tramadol -no. Mefenamic acid - no. Only going to bed in the evening to sleep got rid of it, coz I was asleep. It was awful.

Thankyou everyone for any replies 💗

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  • Hi - Sorry to hear you're having a rough time, fingers crossed the Topiramate works for you. I tried this last year and the side effects weren't pleasant, it really affected my kidneys and I was experiencing shortness of breath plus palpitations. The migraine were less frequent but I had no quality of life. My neurologist then tried me on candesartane which is a blood pressure tablet and the results have been amazing. From having migraines most days I can now go weeks at at time and it feels wonderful. Hope you have a more positive outcome.

  • Thankyou for your reply.

    Ive only just been prescribed it so it's early days.

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