Can't go out again!!

Does anyone else feel awful about letting people down again because you've got a migraine again!!

I have just missed me good friends 50th in Amsterdam because I had a migraine/cluster headache for 7days,I couldn't risk flying because of the virtigo either!!! So as well as loosing the money I had payed,I missed a important birthday do..

I have plans for all over the weekend and again got a migraine and don't know if I will make these four events with family and friends!!

Feeling awful because of the migraine and for letting people down again!!

On a higher doze of amitrptyine because it's effecting my mental health now😒

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  • Yeah 😣 so sorry your having your life controlled bt them to.

    I can't even go to the shop on my own anymore, get so confused with the pain and can't remember how to get home.

    Barely left the house for 4yrs now.

    Refuse to give up so will keep fighting 👊👊

  • Hiya,so sorry to hear that,you must be going through hell.

    Has nothing worked for you at all? It is very hard sometimes to see the light at the end of the tunnel,but I keep trying too,and it's good to hear you do too.

    I really hope you get some peace from them soon🙂

  • I've tried all prevention meds, bought tens machine, cefaly, had nerve blocks, botox, chiro, physio.....on and on.

    I'm only now starting to come out of the fog. Changed my magnesium citrate to glycinate and take half of a kirkland sleep aid at bedtime. Getting a sleep definitely helps 😁.

    I'll find a way to cure myself because neurology can't. They just keep you drugged up.

    I hope you get a handle on yours before they get too far. 💖

  • I know where your coming from with all that,I've tried so many drugs,acupuncture,chiropractic for my neck because after someone rear shunted me they have gone worse!! Botox....I have been lucky to be able to fund when I'm off but really running out of obtions now!! No saving left....don't know whether you can get any payments for not been able to work because of chronic migraines?

    I hope yours improve for you hun💐

  • Thanks for that,I will look that up on Facebook.

    I have tried keeping food,sleep etc dairys and got nowhere..apart from certain triggers,stress been one of them!! Good to hear yours have improved 😉

  • Hiya Hun,how's things going with you? I said I didn't want any more Botox because there making me worse,the reply was"well,you will have to wait about 6months to see neurologist", as if it was my fault for not wanting any more injections!!!

    Hope your doing ok? And yours are abit more under control?

    Take care😉

  • Have you read Medical Medium? He says Epstein-Barr (glandular fever) or even the shingles virus could be the cause, and gives several other triggers too. He gives foods to avoid, and foods and supplements to eat.

    If you're anywhere near Surrey I can recommend an osteopath who diagnosed my migraines and said my faulty breathing is partly to blame. I'm now taking beta blockers as he said my migraine was chronic and I had to get out of it quickly, but I'd like to be off them. But I don't suffer nearly as much as the two of you, I really feel for you and hope Medical Medium can shed some light for you - he has a website and facebook page too.

  • Awe thanx dina I'll have a look 👍

  • I've given up trying. 😩I think if I haven't got a headache at the time, ill sure as hell have one after the event so I don't bother xx

  • Yep I feel bad at letting people down too.

    I've just read that Vit B2 400 mg daily can help, so am about to try that. Although I'm planning starting on 100 mg and building up from there to see how it goes. Is this something you've tried?

  • Hiya,I've started taking vitamin b complex so not sure if it's helping yet..

    Just looked,it's only got 15mg in,so 400 is a big dose..let me now how you get on😉

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