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My Migraines..... now Vertigo??

Hi... I've suffered with migraines for 15 years and have come to learn my triggers; menstrual, stress, lack of sleep, sunlight etc. For years I couldn't find a pain killer and was forced to resort to my bed in darkness and stay there. Then I discovered Syndol which is available at the chemist and is the only drug that helps. If I catch the migraine early enough syndol will rid it, alternatively, if it's a bad one (usually my menstrual ones are the worse) Syndol will take the edge off and avoid a full blown attack.

That said, for over 3 weeks now I've had a migraine constantly. It's like a vice on my temples and a dull pressure ache in the centre of my forehead and around the back of my head and down my neck. Very sensitive to light and noise with nausea. This is a typical migraine for me, but for the past 3 eeeks I have been suffering major dizziness where the room spins and I have to wait until it stops. When I lie down I have to be propped up as lying too low causes the spinning again.

I had put all this down to hormones, as I am nearly 46 years old I figured it might be pre-menopausal? Until someone said my symptoms are more like vertigo! ... I am seeing my GP tomorrow but wondered if any of you had suffered the same and what advice you might have. I am not hopeful that I will be given some miracle cure tomorrow and I fly on holiday in two weeks and need help!!


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How did you get on at the doctor? I get a lot of dizzyness too, i was treated for an infection on my inner ear for many months but it was my jaw.


Well.... I did have a good chat with my GP and given the fact that I also suffer with anxiety, he thinks I am suffering an anxiety attack!.... having the chat I think I was able to identify the trigger and therefore hopefully can begin to sort it.... I guess I'll only know in due course 😳😏.... hence this long term migraine has been triggered by stress, which I now need to address.


Good luck i hope you get it under control 👍

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Hi,I've been suffering for a similar time to you.been on nortriptyine for years,tried all sorts of other Meds,getting no where and migraines getting worse!! Have been having Botox injections for last 12 months which seem to help at first..But last September started with really bad vertigo which there not sure if it's linked to my migraines so on more medication to help that!! Just had to miss a friends 50th party in Amsterdam because having a bad time again and couldn't fly!!

Hope I haven't made you depressed by telling you this? Sorry if I have💐

It's certainly making me depressed 😒


Pollycrossy, I"ve had migraines for years. Last year I started having "vertigo" severely. My ENT told me about a book called "Feeding your migraine". I got it and figured out that caffeine was a MAJOR trigger. I have gone off all caffeine. Coffee, chocolate, you name it and its really helped. I can drink 1 cup of decaffeinated coffee in the morning, but anymore than that triggers the vertigo. I also tried Botox for the chronic migraines. 31 shots in face neck and shoulders every 3 months. Its been a miracle. But to this day I still have to stay away from caffeine. I hope this might help you.


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