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Menstrual migraine

Hello - I'm new here.

I've had migraine for longer than I thought. I always thought I just had severe headaches with sickness until my grandmother diagnosed me as she had suffered migraines for many years.

How do other women deal with menstrually related migraine?

I was trying to do some work on my laptop yesterday and I couldn't concentrate on the screen; I thought it was odd. Picked my twins up from nursery in the morning and preparing pancakes, and started to feel irritable and nauseous. Went to sit down on the sofa and fell into a nap when the migraine started up big time. I've never had visual disturbances with my migraines, it was horrible. I went to lie down as my partner was at home. I took 50 mg of sumatriptan. It helped as I could feel the pain and throbbing going and my head coming back to my skull, it feels like it is above me. It also eased the nausea.

My other question is - should I tell my Gp about the visual disturbance as I've never had it before?

Many thanks.


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Hi yeah make sure your gp knows all of your symptoms, i have aura with some of my migraines, that's the worse pain ones for me and last 7-8 days, always menstrual related for me but a bit more difficult to manage now that I'm peri menopausal 😣.

I've been on sumatriptan injections for those ones since i was 30!! Now 52.

Migraines are just so destructive . I found upping my water intake a couple of days before my period helped.

Welcome 😆 you'll get lots of help here, the people are wonderful 😆


Thanks for your reply.

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I've had migraines since I was 19 (I'm 45) and it was always closely related to my periods.

Definitely keep your GP informed of all your symptoms and if they change.

You need to make sure you take your medication as soon as you know it's coming. If you already have it, most of the time it's too late. Also I take 100mg of imitrex, so you may need more.

There's basically two options. First is abortive (your imitrex). The second is for if they come too often and are interfering with your life. Then you have to try and find a medicine to prevent Them.

Good luck! You just learn to live around them and catch them early. They make me very spacey for a few days and if I don't catch one, for whatever reason, there's nothing that can really be done until they pass, 3-4 days generally, for me.

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Hiya cheschat,

Yes spacey is how I get with the one that happens on first day of my period.

I will def tell Gp bout the visual disturbances.

I use migraine buddy app to track so I get an idea of how often.

Thankyou all for your help ❤️

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If you are on any type of hormonal medication, there is a very high chance they will take you off it if you are having visual auras with your migraines (I also have migraines with an aura and I can't take anything hormonal - pill, injection, anything).

Or if you aren't you may be given one... it varies.

Have a little look at this from the migraine trust:


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