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Headache and Dizziness

Hello, I'm a normal 16-year-old who is currently trying to focus on her homework but I have a terrible headache which does not let me complete my unfinished tasks.

It started in the morning at around 10 Am and the pain is mainly in the upper right side near my forehead. Since then I've been feeling dizzy and I'm also experiencing a sudden sickening feeling in my throat.

Can anyone please help to reduce the pain or tell me what I should do?

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Hey, it's awful that you've got that, I feel your pain as my migraines started to get worse around that age too.

First thing is to look at the lighting, is it natural or not? Natural light is so much better and could possibly help stop your headache.

Take any pain medication you've been prescribed and make sure you are drinking enough! Also put a cool n soothe patch on where the pain is or on your forehead.

I would also take breaks every so often, around every 20-30 mins, in these breaks I would try to get some fresh air.

The last thing I can think of is a nap but I would only use this as a last resort as it can make things worse sometimes!

I hope this helps, these were things that used to work for me when I got homework migraines 🤞🏻

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Thank you for your help!

Yes, I did take a small nap and I felt much better :) I relly don't take medication as stupid as this sounds, I cannot swallow tablets. So any pain I usually encounter, I just wait for it to wear off without medication. Doctor's say it's good that I don't take any medication as my body does not rely on painkillers. However, if the pain is extremely unbearable, I usually take syrup pain killers.


its sounds like migraine go too your GP


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