Recent Vertigo become life treatening - Help!

Less than a month ago, I've started to feel walking like drank person. Tilting to one side and coliding with people and walls.

Today 21/02//2017 direct from my new GP surgery I went to my local library. An hour later, when I tried to standup and walk to toilet, I was in vertigo worse than perivious onces.

I need your help, more than my GP. My new GP seems they are not listining to my immidiate problem. They are interested mainly on my previous medications and parafenelia. Even the nurse, asked me if I do care to live.

In short time since I joined, I regrated to join a Surgery, which can not give a tosse unless you are .....

Please ask them, the action they took to help me in my immidiate need of VERTIGO, according to my online informations.

Two weeks ago, around Elephant & Castle I colided with a lady pushing a child.

Please, Please help, before I hurt my self or others?

NB: I'm going to contat other local & International organisations. Please do what you can.

L Assefa,

Flat 26 Kent House A,

Old Kent Road, SE1 5EQ

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  • Do you have migraine with your vertigo?

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