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Deja vu

I have had two strange episode, one today and one back in November. I can only describe as funny turns. Both started with strong sense of deja vu then a weird kind of consciousness like I was in a dream but awake. I saw the nurse practitioner and had blood tests but she thought might be connected to migraine. I am worried about epilepsy or worse. Anyone experienced?

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Yes, I

This has happened to me quite recently, definitely awake but felt like removed from situation, a dreamlike state. I have been having so many migraines recently, they increasesd each time I have had a general anasthetic. I had started to wonder if it's epilepsy.


Thanks for your reply. I see the gp at the end of the week so will see what she says


Let me know how you get on.


My blood tests were all normal so she wants to 'rule out' epilepsy so referred for eeg and an MRI scan. Not ruling out it being connected with migraine but would be a change as not a normal symptom.


Well the eeg and MRI scan have all come back normal so the general feeling is it's a migraine variant. I have been asked to monitor them. Relieved it's not epilepsy.

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