Hormonal (?) Monthly migraine misery with vomiting and loosing days off work

Hi and HNY to all . If anybody outthere has any tips for me I would be so grateful. My migraines are monthly ( and so painflul with vomiting)and as I am going through menopause it was thought hrt might help , triptan nasal spray hasn't helped and the jury' still out on hrt. What medication have you found useful ???

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  • Hi HNY Jerrymew 😆 yeah me too. I went to a herbal doc who made me a tincture for morning/evening ( twice a day ) definitely better than HRT. Patches & gel made me worse.

    Imigran injections for out of control migraines but ice on my temples and the nape of my neck are what i go for first.

    Be well 😆

  • Thank you Cally, I hadn't considered herbalist or ice for that matter , will give that a try. The injections are on order, glad to hear they work for you. Thanks again for replying ☺

  • Your very welcome 😆 good luck 💖

  • Hi Jerrymew, I would like to know the answer to this too. Tablets never worked for me and I was using injection for years til it became too painful due to another condition. Now on nasal sprays but since having 3 operations in one year migraines worse after each one. At present its been going on for 9 days. Take the meds it goes down then it wears off and back to square one.

  • Hi Shazzy, sorry about late reply x hope your migraine has stopped by now ?! Just wanted to say mine also got worse since I had an operation so maybe given time it will settle again... who knows x thank you for replying and I hope we find solutions xxx

  • My migraines started with menopause too. Then they stopped for a few years, and now I've got them again. The only thing that's worked for me has been beta blockers. Hope you feel better soon.

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