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Give me some good news

Hey, hope you all had good passings and may we all be up to the challenge for the year to come.

I have, since 3 days ago, felt headaches (constant) and it doesn't seem to be getting better.

First day was a mild-medium headache;

Second day was a medium (when not moving and quite severe when moving) headache with pressure behind the eyes increasing and some moments of light headedness;

Third day the headaches are very strong and my eyes are tearing up for being so hot, they are extremely red and my light headedness happens every time I stand up, my right ear keeps buzzing ;

Night of the third day, eyes can be opened with some effort as long as brightness is at a minimum and they are semi closed, walking straight isn't that possible anymore nor passing things with my hands, I tried pouring a cup of tea and believing it was close to be overflowing, once I started drinking, I noticed it had just a bit of water, started vomiting and the headache feels more like a constant pressure on the sides and back of the eyes than actual pain, even though it's pretty painful to move my head just by nodding for example.

Got a fever and every night got night sweats that drench my bed, can't focus on more than one thing at the same time.

Any insight on this matter? Will this pass or should I see a GP?

Thank you

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Hey dan I hope your feeling better and tbh it might just be a migrane, better safe then sorry so visit your gp and tell him what's been happening and then he can run further tests to see what it is, so I recommend you visit your gp asap. Get well soon!


I am feeling better thank you very much junior123, i will do as both you and Cally01 told me, thank you very much for your time and consideration!


Hi Dan90s, sounds like one of my migraines ( you described each day perfectly for mine! ) They diagnosed me with Hemacrania Continua ( constant daily headaches leading to daily migraines ).

My neck ( upper cervical ) definitely has a lot to do with it, eye pain,dizzyness, occipital nerve at the back of the head.

Your GP should have you checked out by neurology.

Also discovered my jaw has a lot to do with it. I'm getting some relief just now since i got botox into my jaw muscles and along my temple on the left.

See your GP and feel better soon 😷


Thank you, after quite the rough night I'm feeling considerably better, still feel eye pressure and it hurts when i move them, joints don't feel young but i will go check it out. Lately I have been undergoing stress like never before ergo the stiff neck world I believe you mentioned, bad thoughts started to lodge in my head again but after tonight I feel a lot more serious for some reason..do not feel anything at all. Not a concern but an actual releif.

Have a good one Cally01, thank you for the advice :)

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You're welcome 😆 make sure you get checked out. Magnesium citrate helps me with the eye pain 3 x 100 tablets just before bed.

You have a good one too 😆

I had days just out the blue where it was like someone just switched the pain off!! Really weird.

Be well 😆

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