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Hi my name is Sharon

I started to suffer with migraines about 18yrs ago. They were so bad I used to spend sometimes 3days in bed feeling so ill. trying to cope with everyday life with the pain of migraines is so hard, And very stressful ,and the feeling sick that comes along with it. I had headaches in the past. But never had a migraine until I got older. They got that bad my doctor had to put me on medication. When I have read through what other people have gone through. Makes you feel that you are not on your own.

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No Sharon, you are certainly not on your own. I have suffered for many years but as the years have gone by the headaches have changed structure. I have now been diagnosed with Hemicrania continua which is a persistent headache. Not sure which is worse the full blown stay in bed a few times a year migraine or the constant dull pain of the HC. I though I was suffering from cluster headaches until I saw a few recordings of people suffering with cluster and it made me feel quite lucky that I have HC. Good luck x


Hi Babs you have suffered for a long time. My migraines got worse with going through the menopause. I have been taking medication from my doctor and it works very well. Thank you for your concern Babs love. xx


As babs1234 says you are not alone. I have has migraine for 26 years but the became chronic in April this year. I have ben off sick for 9 weeks now as I was unable to continue functioning at work in such pain. I had botox in Oct and they have reduced the intensity and frequency of the migraine but I| still have headaches, most days, again the y are less intense. I feel my life has been on hold this year and have almost 'missed it' due to sleeping/pain etc. Hope you find some good treatment soon.


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