Anyone find relief from Holistic therapy?

I have suffer with chronic migraines that never leave but can stay with me for months at a time. I have tried over 27 types of medication, all that worked in their own way, each giving me a new and horrible side effect.

I work with a private nutritionalist as I find food affects my migraines. But has anyone found short term relief with any holistic therapies?

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  • Holistic is i think the only thing i haven't tried.

  • I find Butterburr works really well. There's 2 on Amazon. Migravent and Migra-eeze.

    Also, buy the book - heal your headaches. Wonderful book!

    Good luck!!!

  • I feel your pain- I am in the same boat. all medications don't work and it's getting a little frustrating.

    I actually use cupping therapy (hijama) which basically releases the pressure from my head and any bad toxins- this is what migraines apparently is the source. I find that it has helped much and I hardly take medication anymore.

    If you watch this video it is of me having the therapy done- I have posted more but this is to give people an idea.

    I hope this helps and keep us to to date with anything you do :)

  • you sound just like me, tried loads of meds, but nothing works for long. Have you spoken to the Migraine specialist nurse from Migraine Action? I spoke to her on Tuesday she was a great help. Not tried any holistic therapies myself. have tried physio and acupuncture, food doesn't seem to make any difference, coffee sometimes helps! its now been nealy 8months of almost constant pain, with just a few breaks, but none of note in the past 2 1/2 months.

  • I know that reflexology has helped a couple of people with migraines. Not removed them completely but lessened them and made them a little less severe. Hope you find some relief.

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