Has anybody found that morphine stops a migraine?

I have recently been in hospital due to gallstones. I was given morphine to help cope with the pain. I later got one of those dreadful migraines with the pain so bad that you just want to kill yourself. The hospital did not know what to do but eventually gave me some more morphine which, amazingly, solved the problem. I've lived with migraines for 30 years and, despite trying almost everything, have never found something that stops one once it has taken hold. Has anybody else found that morphine helps them?

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  • I've had migraines for going on 40yrs, last yr i was hospitalised and sent home with 4 bottles of oral morph, didn't take the migraine away it just made me not care that it was there! !

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm just so scared that it might make things worse (although I'm not sure the pain could be any worse). So you think it makes things bearable? I'm having an operation to remove my gallbladder tomorrow and will not be able to eat all day (which means I'll have a migraine). I really need to decide whether or not to have the morphine.

  • Hi, morphine certainly won't make your pain worse. Do triptans not help?

    Morphine will take the edge off and you will hopefully sleep.

    Good luck with your op 😆

  • Thanks. Unfortunately triptans do not work for me.

  • Hope everything goes well for you x

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