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Anyone tried Reiki?

I have been having terrible migraines/headaches for the past 7 months. Have tried loads fo meds (now off everything apart form pain killers when desperate), had botox 2 weeks ago, (no major impact as yet), physio massage and acupuncture, all to no significant difference.

I am seeing a Pain specialist privately, his nurse does Reiki, so just wondered if anyone has tried it and has it been any good to help with pain, relaxation?

Any advice would be great great!


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It certainly won't do any harm :-)

I agree that you should not be on analgesics but other medication needs to be tried for 2-3 months each to properly assess if it works for you.

Try to get a good Neuro if you can

Good luck


saw a neuro in may for just 1 appt, I was then discharged, saw another when I was admitted to hospital with yet more different instructions.

Am waiting to speak to my GP for referral to a Migraine specialist.

thank you


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