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Nothing works!? :'(

I have been suffering migraines since my early teens I'm 17 and all the over counter medicines I have tried don't work, I was recently prescribed sumatriptan which had no effect when I recently suffered a tension headache which then developed into a eye migraine and then into a full blown throbbing on both sides of my head and light sensitivity migraine which forced me to lie in a dark room and sleep all day. Anyone have any suggestions I'm a full time student and I can't afford to stay off please help!

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Hi Justine,

I feel so sorry for you. It sounds as though you are having a really difficult time. I am a specialist nurse in food intolerance with 21 years experience in testing people. I have written a book on food intolerance with one complete chapter dedicated to headache and migraine. I have used all the data on testing that I have collected since 2003 to suggest tailor made exclusion diets for all ages and genders. In the last 2 years there are only 2 migraine sufferers out of 74 who have not been helped when I actually test them. The book was written because I get so many enquiries from people a long way away who cannot get to me for a test.

So I urge you to read it. And feel free to contact me if you need further help. The book is called 'Food Intolerance Solutions' and can be bought from my website foodintolerancesolutions.com or is available on Amazon. All the best...


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Thank you mary! I will look into reading your book, I haven't thought that they could be caused by a food intolerance... I am slightly gluten intolerance :(

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Hi Justinator, I am so sorry you are suffering with migraines, it's very debilitating and can cause so much distress. I have suffered for 40 years so I know exactly what you are experiencing.

First I of all I would go back to see your GP and ask for a different 'triptan' as some work better than others, it just depends which one suits you. They do have a downside in that the more you take, it can lead to a rebound effect but if you are sensible and don't take them when you don't need to they work wonderfully well. (I take Zolmitriptan). If you do ask for another 'triptan' ask for the original brand, not the generic version which are cheaper and Doctor's usually prescribe these. In my experience they do not work so well.

Also I see that Mary has also replied to your message recommending her book on Food Intolerance. I have found out over the years that many additives and flavour enchancers in food can bring on a migraine if you are very sensitive. I would be very careful with fizzy drinks as they can contain so many horrible additives, always read the label. Asparatame and Phenylalanine are triggers for me along with Monosodium Glutatmate which is a flavour enhancers and in many soups and ready meals. There are so many things in food that can trigger migraines, those with lots of 'E' numbers I steer away from. Sadly lots of medication contains colours and 'E' numbers so it's always worth noticing what you've eaten if you get a migraine to see if you can find out what the trigger was and you can avoid it in future.

I think we all know that cheese, chocolate and alcohol are often triggers so best to stay clear of those. We are all different so some people can tolerate more than others.

I wear sun glasses most of the time especially during the summer or if I go to the theatre and there are flashing lights. Anyway, I hope this has helped a bit, I could go on and on but it's best to go back to your GP. Good luck and hope you find something to help you.


Thanks for replying Pump321 I seen my doctor earlier and he prescribed Naproxen I can only take two a day when a migraine strikes and must take them with a meal and leave atleast 8 hours between each tablet. I'm hoping I won't have to use them anytime soon :(

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It's a good that you have seen your doctor and you have been prescribed Naproxen, these are good anti-inflammatories and will help with the pain. It's always nice to know you have a pain killer handy if you need it. Cally01 is right, it's always a good idea to see a neurologist to get a proper diagnosis but it does sound as if you have all the symptoms of migraine but if you are worried about your symptoms go back to your GP. I think you just have to be a little bit assertive, I know how difficult it is if you are very young and it's not easy to be taken seriously. I recently had a problem with tingling in my left hand, leg and foot and asked to see a neurologist. I had to really insist if not I would not have got an appointment. It turned out to be migraine related. If you are a full time student, try and get enough sleep and rest if you can. Going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time every day is always a good idea if you can. Long weekend lay-ins sometimes can trigger a migraine. Once you get used to noting what you eat and knowing what suits you will make life a lot easier for you to cope.

Good luck.


Hey, i totally agree with pump321, go back to your GP, i would also ask to see a neurologist to have a proper diagnosis and make sure nothing else is going on.

Migraines can be caused by so many other things too, like your jaw! Are your teeth ok, do you grind your teeth at night etc.

Study years can be stressful which could also be a trigger.

Look into all avenues but definitely keep a diary of what your eating and look for a pattern.

Good luck 😆


Hi cally01 thank you for replying, my teeth have been straightened with braces and I no longer have braces and I don't grind my teeth in my sleep but I don't know how I would go about seeing a neurologist I have suffered from other conditions like athletes foot in my early teens and I had it for 5 years even after receiving treatment I kept having to go back to my doctor and asking for stronger treatment but was refused until it got worse. I don't think my doctor takes me seriously because of my age :(

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Ask your GP to send you to see neurology and if you think their not taking you seriously take your mum with you.

I get jaw migraines as well as hemacrania migraines but the jaw ones took a few yrs to be recognised. I also had a brace and teeth work done. I didn't grind but i did have a popping noise when eating for yrs but didn't think anything of it until i got absolutely wiped out 3yrs ago. Nothing touched the pain or the migraine that came with it. I had naproxin ( need to watch your stomach on that ) oral morph, strong opiods....nothing worked.

Waiting on 2nd jaw op and cover my head in ice ( thats all that helps me for now).

Be insistent with the Doc don't be fobbed off!!

Good luvk 😆


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