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Finding out my food intolerances stopped most of my migraines

Hi everyone

I used to get migraines fairly often but sporadically with no pattern: sometimes up to three times a week, then one every 2-3 weeks. Each time they ranged from mild to severe. I couldn't make a connection between food/drink and the migraine. Sometimes I could drink a lot of alcohol and was fine, sometimes just a glass and I'd get a migraine the next day. With food, I couldn't fathom what it was that may set them off. it was infuriating and also quite debilitating. I was suffering a lot of bloating and discomfort too, so I decided to pay for a food and drink intolerance test. Now, having cut out the foods and drinks I am intolerant to, I have had two, maybe three not that serious migraines in about 10 weeks. Perhaps if you suffer a lot, this may help you too? I know its costly but its worth a shot. You may save money in prescriptions and other medications in the long run?

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If you are not sure about getting a test done, read this book. It has loads of info about food intolerances and specifics about migraines with a whole dedicated chapter. 'Food Intolerance Solutions' ...available on Amazon

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Where did you go to get this test done and how much did I it cost. Thanks


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