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At the end of my tether

I have been having migraines for 25 yrs, in a variety of forms, but 6 months ago they completely changed and I am in almost constant pain. I do have pain free days, but they don't last long, if I don't have a migraine, I have a headache. I know all about headaches from too many pain killers, so if my migraine doesn't go with 2 days of pain killers I don't take any for another 2-3 days. I am now limited to paracetamol, tramadol (neither of which work) or a triptan, I am trying my 3rd different one this year.

I have seen a neurologist who suggested a long list of preventative meds, nothing has worked so far. I am on HRT, clonidine, high dose magnesium and multi vitamins to see if that will help.

I am just coming out. from a 9 day run of migraine. I really don't know how much more I can take.

Any one any other ideas/suggestions ????

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How long have you been taking HRT? Is that a tablet form you take? Not familiar with it 😕 sent you a pm 😆


Have you ever had Epstein-Barr virus (glandular fever) or shingles? I'm reading Medical Medium, very interesting!


Yes to both, glandular fever as a teenager, shingles when I was 28. Why?


Have a look at Medical Medium - I don't know how much is on-line but when I opened the book it has every illness I've ever had in there ... and apparently they're mostly caused by EBV (which never goes away) though migraines can also be caused by shingles. I'm trying to psych myself up to do the 28 day cleanse ...


That's interesting- iv had both these aswell! Going to look for this medical medium- anything is worth a try


will have a look, thanks



My neurologist suggested dissolvable aspirin for the pain and it works (my only problem is that I have a constant migraine for weeks so can't take that much medication) I save taking mine for when I really need it like to do a food shop haha

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Thanks, but have tried that too! I have has constant headaches plus 2-4 migraines per week since I posted this 2 months ago, but have just has 3 relatively pain free days, than wham! last night got headache that went on all night and is still with me now. Had asprin this morning, but no effect so far!


I'm sorry to hear that, I find it just takes the edge off to get me out the house and back.

I find it is helpful to have an Epsom salt bath for extra side effects of a migraine (I always get super tense in my shouldes as a hunch due to the pain which can then lead to tension headaches if I'm not careful)

Make sure you get plenty of rest and I hope you have a migraine free day soon x


I did the Medical Medium cleanse - only managed 23 of the 28 days, I felt much better towards the end of the second week but then started feeling not so good, probably because of the lack of protein. But I had no migraines and so much more energy. Then I went on holiday ... just back, and will get back onto as much of that diet as I can as the headaches are back, tho not as bad, with all the lovely food I've been eating!


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