Mirgraine aura


What a comfort to find I'm not alone

Had migraines a year now at first doctor gave me duplicating, however off those now and gave been left to my own thing, so keeping a diary and trying to understand this nightmare I had a doc tell me that you eventually adapt 😶

Anyway I'm 54 menopausal so I'm putting it down to hormonal ATM

A forum like this is amazing and comforting to read

Take care mand

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  • Hi mand 😆 welcome. Yeah your definitely in the right place. You'll get loads of coping mechanisms here 😆

  • Thanks for the reply,im shocked by the doctors not explaining it all to me last year properly, mind you was in a bit of a state,anyway I've found this so it's onward and upward now 😀

  • Have you seen a neurologist mand? Most GP's don't understand migraines and the variations.

  • Hello cally01

    No not seen a neurologist yet , will get back to drs and sort this, I'm keeping a diary and its proving useful

    Going through the change so there is a pattern with that, and also weather makes a difference

    However I've got new stuff as in slow to get going in the mornings and aching ankles so will make an appointment for go soon

    Must say reading on here helps a lot

    Hope you have a good day

    Mand ☺

  • Hi mand, yeah me too😆

    I wake with sore legs from the knee down, it's like I've ran a marathon in my sleep.

    I'm having blood tests today to check all B panel, magnesium, cortisol and folate. Hopefully they'll find a deficiency.

    Tried everol gel & patches but had migraine everyday so stopped that and take red clover now, it does help.

    Good luck, 😆😆

  • Red clover wow

    Will look into this today,there are so many things it could be ,but I'm all for alternative stuff

    Enquiring about a piercing in the carrtlage of ear today , could help migraines apparently

    I'm also seeing loads of floaters daily that can be confusing, have had loads of eye checks and as I'm very short sighted its a common prob im afraid, that's a pain tho

    Thanks for reply

    How are you this morn?

  • Hi I've just wandered off onto other health probs that I can relate too

    Must stick to migraines for the minute I think

  • Hi Mandyloo, just spotted your comment about short sightedness. I'm a migraine sufferer and have very poor sight too and there is definitely something related! Do you know if there is a forum for people who have visual problems (but aren't blind). I have been seen by so many opticians, even at the hospital and have a compound prescription , but am just so fed up of never getting a correct prescription and having to pay a fortune for glasses I can't see out of. I have already used this years free check up but will need to go again as they still can't seem to get it right and struggling to see isn't helping the headaches and migraines!

    Any help from anyone would be really useful. :)

  • Hi thanks for reply

    I'm also high prescription short sighted person, have to have them thinned down etc looking at stuff I think my prescription is right it's just these blobs passing by all the time does my head in 😀

    However I think floaters come as you age and its the debris floating about that interiors your vision I think

    Mine differs depending on the light etc

    The optition last year said he didn't want to see me for two years and all tests was fine, so I'm confused as anything weather this is migraine aura or floaters

    Either way it makes you feel isolated and anxious

    The drs seem to not register what I see it's a bit of a nightmare , got to keep smiling tho 😀

    I've found comfort online as I don't think anyone gets it unless they are experiencing it

    Sorry for ranting, its chatting to someone that gets it I appreciate on here

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