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Hangover type migraine

Me again!

I was just wondering if anyone suffers from a migraine that is like a hangover? Sounds weird, I know! I wake up every Saturday and Sunday with a migraine like I've been drinking heavily the night before (I don't drink as I have some other health problems that prevent me). I only every got them at the weekend and have never found a way to stop them. It doesn't matter how much or how little I sleep, the time of year, the weather, if I'm stressed or not or any other stimulus, I always have them. I was just wondering if anyone else experiences something like this? I've mentioned it to my doctor (I've got a new one now) and he has no idea why it happens!

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I get them through either changed sleep patterns or mostly dehydration. 2 sachets of plain (as in not the one with rice in it) dyoralite (sorry spelling) and a domperidone tablet before bed works wonders.


I think it's quite common to get migraines at the weekend - a friend of mine frequently did. Have you googled it? Sorry, I can't remember the reason for it now but must be to do with the stress of the working week ...


I used to get this "weekend migraine" that felt like a hangover when I was at work. I had a stressful job and probably felt relieved when the weekend arrived and i could relax. It was then that the migraine would strike. I expect you go to bed and wake up at the same time. I always found having a lie in didn't work or if I went to bed later than usual. It's a mystery really but I suspect your body is relaxing (without you realising it) and that's when the changes occur. I also knew another lady who suffered in exactly the same way so it's quite a common occurance sadly. I wish I could offer you some help but I know what you are going through. Wish I could help.


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