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New here - lifelong sufferer

Hi there. I have suffered cluster migraines since my teens. Sadly they have been getting worse and although sumatriptan can help alleviate the pain if I catch it early enough I often find myself crippled with intense pain, light, sound and smell sensitivity and persistent vomiting for up to 36 hours. I can have a migraine once every 3 days or go a month without.

I am currently investigating a link between fructan intolerance, thyroid autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's) and bipolar disorder - all of which I suffer from. When I eliminated fructan from my diet accidentally as part of the Atkins diet my health improved dramatically and I didn't have a migraine for a year. It is only now that I am seeing a link and members of ThyroidUK on health unlocked are saying this link is highly likely to be correct.

Can anyone shed any light on the link between food intolerance and migraine. I will have a good look around the forum here to see what others have posted but if anyone can advise me of even a causal link, especially if autoimmune disorders and mental health are involved I would be most interested.

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How much magnesium do you take? I'm reading the Magnesium Miracle, as recommended on the thyroid forum, and it has a chapter on migraine. Also B2 is important.

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I have an intolerance to dairy and when I cut it out I saw a bit of an improvement. I don't think a lot of doctors even look into intolerances as a trigger for migraines as I found it out myself!

My boyfriends mum has a problem with her thyroids (I'm not quite sure what it is called) but it's been linked to her migraines and since she has been in more control of her thyroid problem her migraines have almost gone! I will talk to her and see what her doctor said and what she has done.

I know none of this is probably a huge help but I always feel a bit better if I find people who are in the same boat as me and have found some sort of solution

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