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Hi everyone, this is my first post! I've been dealing with migraines since I was 9, I'm now 21. Migraines, unfortunately, run in my family but only in unison with monthly cycles, I am the only one that doesn't suffer that. I have around 6-10 migraines a month with each lasting between two days to weeks, I've even had one that stayed at around 6/7 for a month. I am constantly back at my doctors and have been on almost all preventative medication they can give and pain medication. I have next to no life and have lost some friends because I have to keep cancelling plans. I've been referred up to neurosurgery but been told it could be months until I even hear from them, does anyone know of anything I could do/try until I get this appointment?

(I don't smoke, drink or consume caffeine, I'm also allergic to dairy so I don't eat anything that is known to cause migraine)

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Hi. As a migraine sufferer for over 30 years I think I have tried all options. Triptans work very well but must be used sparingly as they can have serious side effects. I take amytriptlyn, 30mg at night. I now have Botox injections every three months to help me reduce the use of triptans to control the pain. Other triggers you may want to consider are using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Tiredness, stress, strong sunlight. I also need to have my neck supported in bed. Too many pillows can put a stretch on my neck sending pain up my neck and then head. I use one feather pillow which I tuck into my neck. Think about everything you do daily not just the normal food, alcohol, caffeine triggers. As my migraines effect not just my head nt neck and shoulder I also find an ice pack in the form of frozen peas, can work very well. You can buy gel pads but they are expensive. I hope some of this will be of help.


You poor thing. I know how you feel. I feel as if my life revolves around what I mustn't do in case it kicks off a migrain. I have had a daith piercing which has reduced the severity and frequency and also take Triptans but you do need to be careful and not take too many. I hope your neurologist comes up with something that helps you..good luck


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