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First time writing in the migraine fourm. I have been suffering from migraines for yrs. I have even expeinanced, rare types. A few months ago I went to my neurologist. He wants me To try Botox. I am scarred. Has anyone tried Botox? What were the results for you? He wants me to try 12 sessions of 30 shots in head, neck and shoulders. One session every 3 months. Just need to if people have had any success with this treatment. I am at my wits end!

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I have had three (three monthly) sessions & have seen dramatic improvement since starting Botox. I have also started 100mg daily asprin & use a circulation machine as I have poor circulation. Would recommend Botox to anyone who can afford it!! It's a very quick process, you tend to feel a little off for the first few days after as it takes 5-7 days for Botox to start working & then you'll see improvement. My first round was half dose which lasted just over a month & then my second round I had the full dose which lasted the full three months. It's like anything all trial and error until you find what works for you! I find the asprin, circulation & Botox work for me.


Do you use the Chi machine for curculation?


I do 15 mins morning & night :)

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Does it help with migraine ?


Yes, I couldn't recommend the oxy chi enough!! I have poor circulation & find if I wake up with a migraine I'll take my 100mg asprin & go on the oxy chi for 15 & find my migraine will ease. Also since combining the Botox, asprin & oxy chi my migraines have become far & few between which is incredible!


Thanks alisha1989, what is this "circulation machine" I have only heard about it here. As I have never heard of it before. I do take 1, 325mg. Aspirin daily.



Hi, so the circulation machine I use is called the Oxy Chi. I purchased mine online - m.ebay.com.au/itm/Oxychi-Bo...

Here are some of the benefits:

The Oxy Chi Machine produces a relaxing rhythmic motion throughout the body, alleviating stress and muscle tension while loosening the spinal column.

The rhythmic motion is core driven producing a balanced energy wave through the body. The motion replicates exercise in that it promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid and oxygenated blood to all areas of the body.

Energy and Detoxification are improved oxygenation, enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis.

Physiological benefits:

Improved Circulation and Oxygenation.

The OxyChi's wave like motion stimulates circulation, enhancing the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, delivering nutrients to where they are needed, activating cells and stimulating metabolism. Oxygen is essential to all organs of the body and promotes health and wellbeing.

Healthy Joints and Muscles.

The swaying motion of the OxyChi exercises and relieves tension in joints and muscles, especially the hips, back and neck. Many people experience relief of headaches, back pain and muscle tension.

More Energy.

Improvement in oxygen and nutrition to cells and removal of toxic wastes increases mitochondrial activity (energy production) within muscle and nerve cells.


Using the OxyChi is a very relaxing experience, it is effortless and at the same time invigorating.

Lymphatic Drainage and Detoxification.

Improved circulation and oxygen absorption assist the removal of acids in the body. Lymphatic drainage aids detoxification and stimulates the immune system.

Enhanced Internal Organ Function

The swaying motion of the OxyChi gently massages internal organs and aids peristalsis, improving digestion and bowel function.

Spinal and Nerve Balance.

The OxyChi helps strengthen and relax the muscles around the spine, promoting a natural realignment and movement of the vertebrae resulting in healthy nerve impulses to all internal organs.

Weight Loss.

Many people report weight loss while using the OxyChi. This may be due to a number of factors, including improvements in fluid balance (via circulation and lymphatic drainage) as well as the gentle aerobic effect which improves metabolism and fat burning.

I have been using the machine daily for three nearly four consecutive weeks morning & night & have seen huge improvement in my overall health. I have poor circulation like many migraine suffers & find exercise can sometimes lead to migraines. Even though exercise is great for health and recommended at times it's the last thing you want to do whether you already have a migraine or the through of you possibly getting one is enough to put you off. With this machine I am getting all the lymphatic/circulatory benefits of exercise without the chance of bringing on migraine. I also suffer from neck and back pain during migraine & find that my pain is completely elevated by spending just 15mins on the oxy chi.

Hope this info helps, I'm sure you'd also be able to find a video on YouTube of the machine in use :)


Thanks so much for the explanation about the oxy chi. Machine I will look into it.


My sun ancon Chi machine is being delivered today on a 2 week trial. I'll let you know how I get on with it

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Yes please do! I'd love to know how other migraine suffers feel after using the chi machine consecutively :)


I'm getting ready to go in for my 2nd round next Monday. I was skeptical as nothing had worked. I still had some "regular" migraines but in the 3 months I think I only had 2 hemiplegic migraines and they were much shorter. The last couple of weeks I realized just how great botox was working as I know it's fading out as I'm having more, longer and more severe and more brain misfires as I call them.

I wouldn't be scared. My opinion - it's worth it!!!!!!!


Thanks LK1123, I think I will make a follow up appointment with the neurologist.


HI I have been having botox for migraine for the past 2 years at the QE in Birmingham ,for the first 18 months i had the shots every 10 weeks and now its every 12 , i rarely get full blown migraines any more ,just a mild 1 generally when we are due heavy rain. I am no longer sick or giddy every morning ,it has dramatically helped with my working life.The injections sting a little but the process is so fast ,and its starts taking effect immediatley ,you feel the pressure releasing from your blood vessels. I have put on a little weight since i started them but i don't think its related to the botox just down to fact that i can keep my food down. I would recommend them to anyone who suffers from chronic migraine.

Good Luck!


I have asked my doctor for this treatment but was told they are reluctant to prescribe it ?.


Hi. Sorry you are in the migraine club! I know what it is to be 'at your wits end'.

As a migraine sufferer of over 30 years and Cronic for about fifteen, I have tried everything going. Some medications worked to a degree for time then faded out so on to something else!

I have been using triptins for many years, just so I could get through work and life. Eventually I have to give up my job. My GP and a pain consultant I saw were happy for me to use the triptins when ever I needed! It wasn't until a saw a new neurologist that I became made aware of the significant risk of strokes related to the over use of triptins. I was told a maximum of two a week! It was then that the question of Botox arose. After keeping a detailed diary for a month I was accepted for the treatment. You have to have a minimum of 15 migraine days a month to qualify for the treatment.

I had my first injections, 31 of them in my head, neck and shoulders. No pleasant but, for me well worth it. Pain didn't go completely and i still need to use some form of pain relief most days to nip the problem in the bud. The main benefit for me is that I have been able to greatly reduce my use of the Rizatriptain. One to two a week on average. This does all depend on how much I do in relation to triggers!

I am waiting for my next appointment and will certainly continue with the injections.

I am a little puzzled though by the number of treatments your neurologist plans!

We have a headache/pain forum in Cumbria and my neurologist stated that treatments are offered between two and four times then you need a break. If you have the Botox too often the body builds up antibodies and the treatment will then not work.

Some other advice I found helpful was to not let your blood sugar fall and to snack on things like oat cakes in between meals and something at bedtime to deter the 4am pain wake up. A classic time for me! I am having some physio to see if this will help and will be having acupuncture soon to see if that will help me relax.

Don't be worried about the injections, it was certainly worth it for me.

Good luck! Let me know how you come on.


My wake up is between 330-4 as well. Odd fact though I heard your body also has hormonal surge around that time. Always wondered if it was that or insulin dump that woke me in head pain. I often wake feeling like I've been hit with a fry pan though. Anxious to hear about acupuncture. I haven't tried that. I've done the botox. The daith piercing that didn't work. And now have been using essential oils as well.


Don't be concerned about acupuncture. I have had it before for a back problem. For me it was almost painless. I have also had a nerve block to my shoulder and back of my head in the past but no effect!



I had injections at the base of my occiput, with no positive improvement. It did nothing for my headaches or migraine, & I felt I'd been hit with a shovel.

Hope it proves to be more help to you!



Was it botox injections or the nerve blocks? My neurologist did the occipital nerve blocks on me before botox and said it should last up to 6 weeks and I only got about 10 days to 2 weeks. So he went forward w botox.


I think it was just nerve blocks, but botox was used.



This sounds like a dangerous experiment to me. From what you say, you had migraine long before myeloma? Migraine is inflammation, and the cause of inflammation needs to be found. It can also be helped by hormonal supplementation, thyroid and sometimes oestrogen. In addition, histamine is very relevant.


I have been having a migraine, on and off again for 8 days. I called my neurologist today, of course he wasn't in but the doctor on call is giving 4 tabs of a steroid to hopefully break this cycle I am in. The oxy chi machine sounds very helpful. I am going to ask my doctor if maybe my insurance will cover it . I couldn't afford it on my own. I have never been diagnosed as having a certain type of migraine. I sometimes have aura, and sometimes not. I have migraines on one side or both. I have had 3 hempiplegic, migraines. Several basilar, my ears hurt a lot when my head is pounding. They just burn so awfully bad. Thanks for all your helpful replies.


So to everyone, this is my second day on the , steroid and finally I no longer have a migraine!!! I finally feel like myself again. Symptom free!! I am not sure for how long tho. Feels like a big weight has been lifted off.


I have done the 31 Botox shots every 3 months for over a year now and it is a lifesaver! It takes about a week to really get the full benefits, but do not be worried. When it is about 3 weeks before the time for the shots I know because it is wearing off and the hellish migraines return.

Hope it works out for you.


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