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Night time headaches

I have recently started being woken by what i can only describe as a surging headache in the early hours. Since Christmas i have had one every 3 to 4 days. Takes ages to get back to sleep and the next day is a washout as the headache lingers. I have recently come off statins, i wasnt taking them for long. I already take amitryptiline at nught but these are not helping. I told the doctor but she put it down to anxiety, which seems odd as they are so regular. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I have had something very similar on going back to work after the Christmas break


Yes exactly the same and around the same time 2.30 ish ..sometimes they lasted till mid midday sometimes all day...was getting them about 4/5 days a week then I'd have a couple of pain free days, only for the cycle to start again. I had a daith piercing out of sheer desperation and the migraines are certainly less frequent and don't las as long. Could be worth thinking about getting one


Thank you. I had never heard of this !


Google it and see what you think ..good luck

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Have you ever tried using a mouth gard the dentist made me one as I unconsciously was biting down in my sleep I suffer migraines to but find the mouth gard helps for being woken and early morning headaches the can last all day to


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