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Please read headache

I've not been diagnosed with anything but read this please?

I had a headache with eye blurry for 1 and half days and this morning I woke up and it's gone all day gone and now I went on ps4 gaming console and eyes were a bit blurry I don't know if it's a tension headache since I've been doing weights and like strained my neck, it's nothing serious because obviously I'd have a big headache and mines really small I wouldn't even call it a headache but I was just wondering if anyone knew about this or wondered if I should go for a eye

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Hi Robbie - Headaches are never normal, but blurred vision certainly isn't. You should discuss this with a doctor (your usual doctor is probably a good place to start).


Some screens cause me to have facial pain and headaches, have a look here flatpanelshd.com/focus.php?...

for information re screens etc.

I would agree that you should see you Dr.


If the muscles at the base of your skull become very tense, they can interfere with the circulation of blood to your eyes. Try massaging and relaxing the muscles at the top of neck/base of skull. If this area is tender on pressure, you have this problem! Massage!!!!


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