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I've not been diagnosed with anything but read this please?

I had a headache with eye blurry for 1 and half days and this morning I woke up and it's gone all day gone and now I went on ps4 gaming console and eyes were a bit blurry I don't know if it's a tension headache since I've been doing weights and like strained my neck, it's nothing serious because obviously I'd have a big headache and mines really small I wouldn't even call it a headache but I was just wondering if anyone knew about this or wondered if I should go for a eye test

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It wouldn't hurt to have an eye test - if you are in the uk spec savers do a thorough test where they even photograph the inside of your eye. I had it done the other day to rule out my eyes as the cause of my lengthy migraines.

It could be eye strain if you are a heavy gamer?


Yes, Zara L has given great advice. Never hurts to get your eyes tested regularly too.


If you have strained neck/ shoulders it can be referred pain ...sounds to me like a mild migraine which could have been kicked off by the strain


Thanks a lot really helped me out u guys I'm probably gonna go for a eye test I do a lot of weight for my age and strained my neck which I know which muscle it is aswell but also today it was gone completely but it's my bday today and I was on my ps4 and my headache which is small came on after about 6 hours of on and off the ps4

By the way imp don't go on ps4 that much but I did cos it's bday


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