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Hi, just joined today and wondering if anyone suffers with daily Photophobia linked to their migraines? I've been having this for 2 years now and is steadily getting worse!Started with car lights, then flour scent lights and now it's the TV and contrasting lights. This courses me instant pain, wear glasses outside even on dull days and even in the house . Any advice welcome

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Hi Paws - Yes, light sensitivity is a common migraine symptom, and I've been fighting increasing light sensitivity too. I suggest that you combine your glasses with a hat (I always carry a baseball cap for this purpose); it's surprisingly effective. I also find that a bright light in a dark room is more painful than a bright light in a dimly lit room, so I keep a lamp on when I watch TV at night. Good luck!

-Oh My, Migraine (@migrainefeed)


Oh my, thanks for your reply, my glasses are never far away from me - will try the cap too! How do you cope with night time driving - car lights cause me pain and nausea so avoid it wherever possible!


I'm in the habit of avoiding driving at night, especially on dark, two-lane roads. I can get away with this since I commute by public transportation. My uncle and then my mom started using the product below for driving at night after cataract surgery. I wonder whether it would help. If you try it, will you please let me know how it goes? Here it is: amazon.com/HD-Vision-Visor-...