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What do you do when still in 'migraine mode' but not pain?

Hello all, I'm Pea, Paula, Polly, Polo-infact I get called a lot of things but these are the ones I like.

The last two years have been rough for me and unfortunately left me in daily pain & increased itching throughout my body.

I have been contributing to the Fybromyalgia board for a little while, as my 'old friend' Mr Migraine has been appearing on a weekly basis for last six weeks I thought I'd pop over to your board to say hi.

Right so that's me 😊💞👀

So today after spending the last two days in bed I thought I'd ask....

How people deal with migraine attacks? I don't mean when the pain is at it's peak and any movement, sound, chink in the curtain or smell just sets you back or makes you retch.

I'm interested to know what people do when coming out of the migraine attack & still need dark room but also want to keep awake?

For myself; I try to flick thro magazines (not first choice), listen to calming music cds, occasionally go for a walk but never alone and always with dark glasses.

I'm keen to know what other people do to 'bring yourself around' - this is only to give me more ideas (not medical research), as my usual craft or cross stitch is a no-go area!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you all as well & happy as your body will allow.

Kind wishes Pea :)

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