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I recently sent off my PIP forms, I filled out my forms but i also added my medical records and letters from my GP and neurologist . hopefully that will be enough, my medical records did cost £30 instead of £50 but i honestly think they are worth it, All my records and personal letters from my GP show how chronically ill iam. hopefully this will be okay and i'll be successful.

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Hiya, what are PIP forms?


They're the new benefit replacing DLA, it stands for 'Personal Independence Payment' or something.


Best of luck for this, PIP/DLA/any benefit battle, is so horrible to go through.

As soon as I got my letter saying I'd need to change over I got flare ups of everything, severe fatigue and started having panic attacks. Bleh

I need to buy my medical records but for some reason when I try to the staff always try to put me off it (wonder what's in there that they don't want me to see?) so I need to get an advocate for that! It's good to get them though, do you have a personal copy?

Helps to know your medical records very well for their sneaky questions!


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