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Could these be migraines?

Hey :) since December, I've been having really bad headaches, they were constant from December for about a month and a half. After this constant spell of extreme headaches, I had attacks of them a few times a week. About a month or so ago, they started again. And I've had them daily since. In this attack, I've lost sight in my right eye - only once though, tingling in my face and head, dragging sensation in my right side of head and face, pressure and pain in my temples, worse fatigue and visual disturbances as well as pain in my eyes. Especially my right eye.

In the constant attack in December it affected my memory, I had visual disturbances, pain in my temples, and affected my fatigue.

I was wondering if these could be chronic migraines? And if it was worth asking my GP about.

Thanks in advance,

S, 19. :)

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Go see GP or get to A&E during next bad one as could be something slightly more serious. I've suffered migraines for years. Thought that's what I had for three days. One of which I was in bed all day for only to collapse on the 5th day. Rush into hospital to find I had 3 blood clots in my brain and had had a stroke. The symptoms are so similar and I'd never gone to gp with my migraine before.

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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, that sounds so scary xx


You may have cluster headaches or chronic migraine. Cluster headaches last from 15 minutes to 3 hours or longer and they can occur from 1-8 times a day or more, typically starting in the early hours of the morning. A cycle of cluster headaches can occur from a few weeks to a few month and can occur more than once a year with a remission of a few weeks or months in between episodes.

These headaches are painful and very regular. The pain is centred around one eye, rapidly becoming worse. The pain is often being described as searing, excruciating, knife like or boring into one eye. On the affected side (the pain is unilateral, but is not necessarily the same side in every attack), the eye may become red and water profusely, the nose may become blocked or runny, the eye may swell or droop.

Its best to speak to your GP regarding the symptom you are getting and if they cannot help get a referral to see a specialist. if you would like more information please feel free to contact us.


I'd definitiely contact your GP and hope you have done already by now!

I'm familiar with many of those symptoms, my migraines were like that last year, I went completely blind for some periods of time. Drs ignored me for months then when I finally saw someone they did a reflex test and said they could rule out stroke (I'd never even considered it *could* be stroke, so was surprised).

I'm not sure that really rules out stroke tbh but bearing in mind the commenter above mentioned the symptoms are similar to stroke, then it's all the more reason to see a GP and make sure they don't drag it out for months, ignoring you, before checking your life isn't in danger!

It's not the way to live life, in that kind of pain. And to make sure it might not become a permanent part of your life, you want to get them to look into it properly. That's my understanding anyway.

Best of luck and I sincerely hope it's eased up by now.

Oh and I have chronic migraines, I really hope you haven't got that, and definitely nothing serious! ~


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