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Migraine - Lifting & Reaching Triggers

Hi, Along with other health issues, predominantly Chronic Constipation/IBS would be the easiest way to describe the debilitating issues I have I also suffer with frequent migraines.

I have recently found that if I lift anything, shopping bags or a heavy handbag this can trigger an attack, as can reaching too high, for example to try to get to a top shelf in a supermarket or the back of a cupboard.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

I take topiramate, pizotifen and pregabalin which relate to this specific condition (along with lots of other meds for other things)

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thanks

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this is a very unusual trigger. i would probably suggest something humble, like a small step to avoid you over-stretching to your cupboards and instead of bending over, crouching down with your knees. i think if you bend over the blood will rush to your head too quickly, causing a migraine from the strained blood vessels.


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