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Daily headache

hey. Stubbled across this site which googling side affects of yet another headache tablet.

If anybody can help..

I've suffered with a chronic headache nearly everyday for the past 8 months.

It started as a watery twitching eye which developed into stapping pains in my eye and around my eye socket,

When it's at its worth the back of my head near the base of my spine starts throbbing which is horrendous.

I also got droppy eye and numbness in that side of my face, the pain never crosses the midline and is always one sided.

I have had a mri scan, all clear. Was put on naproxen at first, zolmatripton. Which eased it at first.

I've tried amitriptyline at night but it makes me feel so groggy the next day I couldn't function.

I've tried all different types of painkillers paracetamol, codeine, ibuprofen.

Ive been given imigran nasal spray which I tried this evening, it took the pain away at first but 20 mins later it came back even worse!

I'm so tired and sick of this constant pain.

Has anybody tried acupuncture?

Any help will be massively welcomed

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you sound very much like me, always suffered migraines throughout my life, but have had a chronic migraine since dec 2014 now and also cluster attacks, like yourself ive tried all different medications and is currently taking verapamil each day at a dose 240mg morning, noon, and night, which has seemed to slow the frequency of the clusters down but do nothing for my chronic migraine, also oxygen and maxalt is used as and when i need it, but only help for a short while and like you said usually resulting in a worse migraine thereafter.

to your question in hand yes i tried acupuncture for 5 weeks running it seemed to have little effect for myself, but in our kind of cases anything is worth a go as what suits one dont suit another.

i like yourself no doubt wishes it would all stop as i have never experienced pain like it!

child birth was easier ha

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A friend of mine had suffered from intense headache a year ago. She tried the acupuncture treatment and luckily, has been treated by the procedure. What she had undergone was a pain-free and non-invasive acupuncture. Also, the clinic followed up her condition after the first treatment. So today, she's living normally without a headache.

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I haven't personally tried acupuncture although my dad has. He has chronic migraine too. I'm surprised they gave you naproxen without a diagnosis as this is not normally prescribed unless a chronic condition has been diagnosed. Anyway, is it working for you? It didn't really work for me.

Sounds as though you are having some kind of Migraine with a mild seizure if your face droops. I have this - my speech is affected as are the muscles in my face. Don't get eye droop though... Could be a sign of mild adult epilepsy or something similar. I was given epilepsy drugs as a child despite note actually having epilepsy.

Not that I want to scare you, just that it wouldn't hurt to mention these things to your doctor so he/she ensures you get the right treatment. Some medications exacerbate certain other conditions and can make it worse, is all.

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Thanks for all your help guys. I started doing yoga and yoga relaxation techniques. I've managed to reduce my headaches but I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and there's a link with this and migraines.

I'm still using napraxon when needed for short periods of time.

I find this is the only thing that helps me xx


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