Migraine relief... finally!


Just a quick one from me... I have just joined this forum as I wanted to share my news with you and I hope, fingers crossed, I can help some of you too. I also suffer from hypothyroid and fibromylagia.

I am 20 years old and over the past year and a half I have suffered serious chronic migraine. I have been on it all... sumatriptan, beta blockers, propranonal ... all on top of taking my normal paracetamol and ibrobrufen. Really and truly it's been horrific and 4 out of 7 days a week I am either in bed suffering, very sick or losing my vision. It's always on one side and it effects me seeing, my neck and shoulder hurt, I'm sick and I can't ever make it go away - medication hasn't been helping.

I was sent to a neurologist who suggested I try Candesartan - a medicine originally for blood pressure but recently studies have proved it's effectiveness for migraine. I started taking them on Wednesday 25th June and I don't know whether it's too soon for it to have has an effect but since I've only had one 'headache' .. it didn't turn into a migraine and it certainly was not as bad as I usually get them.

For someone who was getting them so regularly, I can only hope that this will continue to work. I made no other changes and I've had no other pain!

My migraines scare me, they've become so awful. I really really hope that this medication works and, I can honestly say... touch wood... i've had the nicest migraine free week I've had in a long time!

I hope some of you read this and that it can help you too and for anyone who want's to be updated on my findings get in touch :)

Here if you want to chat x

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  • Hi sound great, I too have this type of migraine for over ten years now been so bad have spent many days in hospital. Never heard if this drug but will ask about it now. Good luck hope it continues to work.

  • Definitely give it a try! Poor you, hope you find someone who will help!! x

  • Hello :) I've just read your post and I am tempted to get referred to a neurologist as I have been having awful headaches for about a year and a half now! I long for the day when i don't get them any longer. I have tried amitriptyline but with no result I am now on propranolol and sometimes I think it helps but then suddenly I will get a headache for no reason whatsoever! They really get me down and are a major interruption to life.

  • hi your post has really interested me i am a long suffer of chronic and cluster migraines and have tried and tested so many of the different ranges of medication to no avail.

    im so happy for you and hope it continues!!

    i take it you are getting no side effects to this drug??

    i will definately ask my neurologist about this, as i am currently taking verapamil which have slowed my clusters down from 2/3 each day to 2/3 each week but have no effect with my daily migraine.

    hope your migraine free weeks long continue!

    charlie14 get yourself to a neurologist! :)

  • Hello guys. I recommend you to try acupuncture for your migraine treatment. It is a proven procedure for all types of pain, including migraines and headaches.

  • My dad suggested this but I can't afford it unless the NHS refers me - I don't think that will happen! I would love to try anything if there were positive results.

  • That is good news, I am the same out of 7 day's may have 2 days migraine free, I will discuss canderstartan with my gp thanks

  • Candesartan - thanks for the tip I might ask about this. Next neurology appointment is in May. At the moment we're seeing if the Migraines I suffer are linked with ME. Good to know, will certainly enquire.

  • Hi, I can't believe how similar your symptoms are to mine. I've suffered with migraines now for over 15 years, I went to neurologists when I was 20 after a bout of about 7wks with constant migraine, all was fine. At the minute I'm getting about 3/7 days per wk with headache...a few weeks ago I ended up in tears at my Drs surgery and in a panic because the pain in my head was too much to bare, the Dr put me on beta blockers propananol everyday and prescribed Sumitriptans, my warning of migraine is like a shuddering within my head my arms and legs feel weak and shaky, the Sumitriptan kicks in within half an hour but makes my throat feel tight, the tops of my arms get sore and my head feels like a lead weight on them. My pain feels like it stems from my neck and my shoulders...my migraines have always been associated with stress...could something else be causing them? I'm glad you have found something that works :)

  • Thanks for sharing the good news! I'm just curious, does this medication have any listed side effects?

  • I wondered how you got on leith the Candesartan? Many thanks.

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