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Vertigo does it have a permanent solution?

Hi,I am Rakhi . I write this for my mom,who is 68yrs old now.She often has the a...

Opcipical Neuralgia

Hi, my name is Andrea, i suffer with opcipical neuralgia.

Would like to introduce myself

Hi everyone. I found this site while looking for something else. HealthUnlocked ...

Can yoga help?

I suffer from a vestibular disorder like vertigo but with sickness and headaches...

numbness in arms and legs

During a flare up does anyone get weird numbness and weakness in arms and legs? ...


Anyone else working with the curable app to resolve chronic migraine? How’s it g...

Don't know if I should stop medication

I was diagnosed with a vestibular disorder with migraines about 6 weeks ago but ...

did anyone have a funky reaction to botox?

I have vestibular migraines. I had my first botox treatment on 23 March. The day...

Recovering from vestibular migraines?

I have recently been diagnosed with vestibular migraines which has affected ever...


Does anyone know they suffer from eustacian tube dysfunction? Miche123

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