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I am wondering if any psychiatrists would like to speak to me. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia six years ago, perhaps wrongly in my opinion. I have never had an hallucination or heard voices in my life.

Three and a half months ago I came off Risperdal Consta and the occasional Procyclidine tablet. The reason for this is because I got fed up with the aches and pains, flu like symptoms, tiredness and general feeling like I was cycling up a hill with a hangover. I was also on Co-Codomol and any natural pain/tiredness relief from Holland and Barrett that might help.

I actually thought I might have fibromyalgia and have recently been chatting on that sight. However, my aches and pains have pretty much disappeared and I don't feel so tired. I believe this is the result of the Risperdal Consta wearing off.

There are many things I could talk about now from this experience. For example, I feel I am able to project a bit better now and I really am not bothered about eating as much as I was when on Risperdal. This is a good thing as losing a few pounds would be handy. I believe it is possible for a body to be projecting unhealthily and by doing so ones own body actions to be the cause of pain and discomfort.

I also studied social anthropology at University.

If you are interested I can chat and discuss if you like.

Best regards