Welcome to PRE-ACT!

Welcome to PRE-ACT!

PRE-ACT (Preparatory Education About Clinical Trials) is an educational program designed to provide general information about clinical trials. PRE-ACT was developed to help patients better understand what clinical trials are and how they work. It does this through a series of short videos. You may choose to view the entire library or have PRE-ACT personalize your videos based on your feedback.

To receive personalized videos, you will need to create or login in your Cancer.Net account. All this requires is an email address, username, and password. This information is only used to allow you to access PRE-ACT and any other features of the parent website Cancer.Net that you might wish to explore.

The videos are short and informative and include titles such as 'What are clinical trials?', 'Will I have side effects?' and 'What is standard treatment?' Log on and find out more for yourself.