Stay Alive: a New Suicide Prevention App

Stay Alive: a New Suicide Prevention App

Stay Alive, a new mental health support app, provides interactive crisis support to people considering suicide and has been downloaded 6,000 times since it was released last year.

Users can even upload pictures to remind them of reasons to live to the app.

It was developed by charity Grassroots Suicide Prevention in partnership with the local mental health trust.

A man from the south of England who downloaded the app claimed it saved him from the brink of suicide. "A few months ago I found myself in a position where my thoughts of suicide were so strong and prominent that I needed immediate help to avoid another suicide attempt. In previous moments like this I have not known where to turn for help and have instead begun turning suicide plans into actions.

"Fortunately, when I was trying to think if there were options other than suicide open to me, I remembered the app and that it might help.

"I was able to immediately dial through to a helpline using the crisis resources within the app and they were able to support me and keep me safe in the short term, until further help could be reached. They were also able to help friends look after me."

In addition to the stay Alive app, Grassroots offers the following advice to those contemplating suicide:

Thinking about suicide?

Be honest with yourself - Many people consider suicide at some point in their life.

Talk to someone - Don't keep suicidal feelings to yourself, please reach out. Being silent isn't being strong. It's okay to ask for help.

You don't have to be alone - Someone out there wants to listen.

Be aware - Alcohol and drugs can often make things worse.

Keep yourself safe - Agree with yourself and someone else that you will try not to act on your suicidal thoughts as further help is being arranged.

Get help - Make an urgent visit to your GP or go to A&E. Have a look at the resources below to find out where else you can go for help.

Remember - People DO get through this.

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  • hi their Drsmarkham what site is this on i've just been discharged for our mental health dept because i told the Doctor i was fed up and was going to end it many thanks if your could point my in the right direction, may i say your still very pretty if you don't mind me saying take care bigalan xx

  • Here is a link to the Grassroots site:

    You will see icons to click on to download the app on the lower portion of the page.

    I hope you find it helpful!

  • wow your super doc i've never seen doctor's move this fast many thanks Drsmarkham hope your having a nice day Alan

  • :)