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EUPATI Trainees Report on the Expert Training Course

EUPATI Trainees Report on the Expert Training Course

The empowered patient is necessary for the challenge of medicine and for drug development- this has to be the medicine of today, not the future.

The EUPATI (European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovation) Expert Training Course is an exciting and unique opportunity offering patients and patient advocates expert-level training in medicines research and development. It is a mixture of independent e-learning coursework and face-to-face training events over a 14-month period. The first cycle kicked off in October 2014 and ran until December 2015.

The second cycle of the EUPATI Expert Training Course was launched this September 2015. Trainees had to commit to at least 250 hours of e-learning study and 8-10 days (including travel) to attend face-to-face training sessions. The aim was that upon completion of the Course, trainees would have the knowledge to make meaningful contributions to patient empowerment and advocacy and to contribute to the broader dialogue on patient involvement in medicines research and development across Europe.

Here are some comments from the trainees on their experience:

"This course has been crucial to my advocacy work. It has strengthened my voice as a patient advocate so that I can meaningfully engage with various stakeholders. I can now take complex medical information and present it in such a way, that the patient can understand and feel clear about where they stand, in the drug development process."

"This is an unprecedented and vital course that gives normal people a serious understanding of the intricate and complex environmental of therapeutic development, marketing and access."

"I have been provided with tools which give me confidence to assert the patients' voice."

"So far my expectations have probably been exceeded as I did not expect the course to be so in depth."

"The course has provided me with knowledge of concepts and procedures in the industry and a great network of peers with a wealth of knowledge and experience from which to learn. I have used the skills learned to engage with industry in a constructive way to benefit both parties and hope to continue this engagement on behalf of my patient group with other stakeholders to ensure our community's voice is heard and utilised effectively."

"10 days of superbly engaging discussions with 50 capable patient advocates is the capacity building experience equal to none."

"The EUPATI team has supported me throughout the course, in learning about complex medical terminology, so I can meaningfully engage with various stakeholders. The EUPATI course has given me access to people with a variety of skillsets who are not only willing to share their knowledge and experience but also their inspiring stories."

"The EUPATI course has allowed me to network with others in Europe who want to strengthen the patients voice."

"It motivates me to be more than "just a patient"!