NIHR ‘Ok to ask’ 2015 Survey

NIHR ‘Ok to ask’ 2015 Survey

The NIHR ‘OK to ask’ campaign is aimed at encouraging more patients, carers and healthy volunteers to ask about research opportunities that could be available to them or their loved ones.

If you took part in the many ‘OK to ask’ activities including the ‘OK to ask hours’ then they wish to hear from you. However, even if you didn’t, they hope you’ll also complete the survey as your views are important to them.

This survey can be completed by:

- Patients, service users, carers or members of the public who took part in an ‘OK to ask’ event this year

- People who did not take part in ‘OK to ask’ but want to help mprove their public awareness work

- Clinicians, health professionals, or researchers who took part in ‘OK to ask’

- Organisers of ‘OK to ask’ events or associated public engagement activities

- Public involvement leads or their equivalent in organisations where ‘OK to ask’ activities did not take place

The survey will be used to produce a report about ‘OK to ask’ this year, which will be made publicly available on the NIHR website and through their networks. More importantly, your views will help them run better public awareness campaigns about research in the future.

The survey is open until Friday 11 September 2015.

Participate in the OK to ask survey at


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