NIHR to exhibit at this year’s Health and Care Innovation Expo

NIHR to exhibit at this year’s Health and Care Innovation Expo

The NIHR will be exhibiting at this year’s Health and Care Innovation Expo on 2-3 September in Manchester.

The Health and Care Innovation Expo is one of the NHS’ biggest events and celebrates world leaders in science, research and innovation. As the ‘research arm of the NHS’ the NIHR will be there to showcase its work and increase awareness of clinical research as a means of innovation.

As well as having a large exhibition space to promote how the NIHR works together to improve the health and wealth of the nation, the NIHR also has two sessions on the event’s ‘Pop up University’ agenda; a series of high quality workshops open to all delegates at the event. The first session titled ‘The NIHR – what’s in it for me?’ takes place on Wednesday 2 September at 10am and will explain the opportunities open to healthcare professionals, industry experts and NHS patients from the NIHR and is led by Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Patients and the Public alongside an industry professional, an NIHR trainee and a research-active patient.

The second session takes place on Thursday 3 September at 11am and is called ‘Growing the health and wealth of the nation’. This session has a focus on industry and is led by Dr Matt Hallsworth of the NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI) alongside Matt Cooper, Business Development and Marketing Director at the Clinical Research Network, Professor Ian Bruce Director of the NIHR Manchester Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit and Deputy Director of the NIHR / Wellcome Trust Manchester Clinical Research Facility.

If you are attending the Expo you can register for the NIHR’s sessions now at

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  • Hi, I'm just wondering can anybody go to the conf in Manchester ?? Would it be something I would benefit from ? How much are the tickets ? I hope you don't mind me asking, also I would be extremely grateful if you would read my messages I have sent, how bad I'm suffering, I would really appreciate if you have time any advice, feed back from you please. Many thanks x

  • Hi:) I've just checked and yes you can register but it's expensive!:(


    However it's always worth approaching them by email (see the email link on the above web page) and asking if you can attend for free - explaining your interest. It would certainly be fascinating to attend. I know what anxiety is like and that there is no quick fix, but sometimes seizing any opportunity to be proactive can help and make a positive addition to all those many little steps which lead to freeing yourself from the dread anxiety. You take care.:) S

  • Thank you so very much yes I have just sent an email fingers crossed I mite just be able to attend, please can you tell me we're I will find all the details on the two days, many thanks XX

  • Hi:) Good luck. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too.

    The 2 day agenda (it looks jam-packed!) can be found at:

    All the best,S :)

  • Please when you get time could you let me know a little of what it is ? And what to expect please, many thanks

  • Hi:) In brief it is all about 'anything new and exciting' in health and social care - new ways of service deliver, new therapies, new services, techniques, technology etc. Taking a quick glance a the agenda - the best one to head to would be anything that is relevant to your own experience and anything concerning patient engagement and PROMs - patient reported outcome measures. One thing to be remember - although most of the delegates will be people working in health and social care - it is patients who know what it is like to experience anxiety and what does and doesn't work. As patients we have experience that the 'professional' probably don't and can fill the knowledge gap by giving our point of view and 'lived experience.'

    I hope you have a lovely Sunday.:)


  • Hi:)

    Expect it to be busy - with a lot of people talking to each other between sessions and opportunities to contribute to discussions in sessions. Don't be afraid to put across you point of views and concerns. In my (somewhat limited) experience - it's often patients who make the most incisive and useful comments. And people do listen!:)

    Take care:)


  • Thank you x

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