Patient-Centred Clinical Trials Oct.19th-20th 2015

The 2nd Annual Patient-Centered Clinical Trials Summit will take place on October 19-20th in Le Méridien, Philadelphia with the aim of advising Pharma companies on how to increase productivity by enhancing patient engagement with the clinical trial process. Multiple panels and case studies will be featured, illustrating how best for Pharma to collaborate with patients and put them at the heart of their research.

The summit will bring together 300+ Senior pharma executives, regulatory authorities, CROs, sites representatives, advocates, and patients, with the aim of achieiving the following goals:

Implement a common framework: Collaborate with key stakeholders to set a master blueprint for patient engagement in clinical trials

Integrate the patient’s voice at the core of study design: Hear best practices to enhance trials’ success with higher patient engagement

Improve the patient experience in clinical trials: Revitalize recruitment, boost retention, and inform study design

Align with compliance and regulation: Hear the latest guidelines on patient partnerships in clinical trials directly from regulatory bodies and compliance experts

Disrupt the clinical enterprise with the latest patient-centered technology: Discover technologies that are reshaping and disrupting clinical trials through direct patient involvement

At last Pharma is showing increasing awareness that the more you invest in the people who participate in clinical trials the higher the recruitment and retention rates, participant compliance and consequently the quality of research outcomes. Pure common sense.

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