Lurasidone – clinically proven Treatment for Schizophrenia with no effective Weight Gain

Today I had the privilege of attending the Stephen Stahl Expert Seminar in Psychopharmacology: Schizophrenia at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in London.

It was by far the most informative and entertaining presentation I have ever attended, focusing on the psychobiology of schizophrenia, pharmacology, clinical trials and best practice.

The latter half of the day consisted of an overview of the anti-psychotic medication Lurasidone; a new treatment option for adult patients with schizophrenia. Dr Stephen Stahl clearly knows his subject and gave a very clear presentation of the clinical trial evaluation of Lurasidone with adaptive, nonsense use of key statistical indicators. Not only has Lurasidone demonstrated significant symptom improvement in clinical trials it has also shown negligible effects on metabolic parameters which roughly translated means no effective weight gain, high blood pressure and dysregulated glucose and lipid metabolism (associated with the development of illnesses such as diabetes) as confirmed in the NICE publication ESNM48: Schizophrenia: lurasidone 2014 .

I anticipate that Lurasidone (currently marketed as LATUDA) will prove popular with patients in the UK.

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