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Hello I am currently on 50mg of sertraline and the docs want to put me upto 100...

Does anyone else deal with fear of death?

I’m a extreme hypochondriac and I’m always worrying about my health and my famil...

Possible female with high functioning autism?

Hello to whoever ends up reading this! My name is Shelby, Im a 24 year old white...
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Executive Dysfunction

Does anyone else get like this with executive dysfunction?


Hello, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I Was diagnosed at 16 after dealing...

Narcissistic parent.. that's it 👌

That was pretty straight to the point lol but seriously How do you guys who deal...

Low Dose Naltrexone for Depression?

Has anyone here ever tried LDN (low dose naltrexone)? Did you find it helpful? ...


Just an idea, if it’s not allowed or not the right place, I’m happy for the mods...


Hello out there , A tough day for me. Very bad sleep. Working from home. Lots of...


Anyone used this ? Does it work ?


Well I’ve got to self isolate for 12 weeks I have copd, feels like banging my he...

At risk with quitiapine?

Does anybody know if you fall in the at risk catagory (UK) on this medication? D...

Self-harm scars itching *trigger warning*

So long story short I've had problems with self-harm and with cutting. I dont k...


hi just wondering if i can split a 15mg mitazapine in half

Meditation aaps

Does anyone one know what is the best meditation app to go for wen dealing with ...

Husband and I both loathe me?

My husband and I were married for 16 years and got divorced-the last time we wer...


Advise on speed addiction

Panic panic panic!

I am currently living with a number of complex MH issues, I feel ive really run ...

Messing with my head

You would think with all the chaos in the world, family squabbles would be set a...

Narcissistic ‘friend’

I’m 60, happily married man. Some time ago I got friends with a lady who knew me...

New here

Hi I’m new on this forum, I’m 60, male, married with two grown up daughters, we ...


Well I come out of the darkness. And into the light of day. anxiety free today a...

The prophets last sermon

Introducing prophet Muhammad who was the last testament of monotheistic lineage....


Does anyone feel at peace with there thoughts. Or am I alone?

And remember dear believers








Mathematics question here

Something don’t add up

Boris what a beastly creature

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