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Want to clear my thought...pls help

I am an Indian man 27 years old....I was in a relationship December 2016 with a ...

Useless Emotions

I've slowly learned to recognize useless emotions. Emotions such as rage, crying...

Making light of a hellish situation

Hello, i am approximately 3 weeks pregnant and i am diagnosed with Bipolar type ...
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Falling to pieces.

Just been given another course of sleepers zopiclone 3.7mg. I feel like I'll rat...

feeling small

earlier this evening i became really sensitive to sound, the t.v was loud and i ...

breath of fresh air!

im sat outside on my balcony and the fresh crisp air is so nice. the sun isnt sh...


im not sure if theres a community on here for disassociation but sometimes out o...

Obsessive thoughts that bring me down.

Hi Gang, Hoping to get some feedback from those that have worked through this is...

Hmm mm that is odd

I cheated on this one :) v


The solace in books
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