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Mood swings


Mood swings have been terrible today. Woke up feeling not too bad - had thought we would all go out today (2 kids, partner and me) but as the day went on was getting knots in my stomach and feeling a bit jittery and restless. Ended up about half 5 before we got out, was going to drop off eggs and cards to my nephew and mother in law, but ended up in tears in the car, having the usual arguments with my partner about money and just feeling like I cant take any more of it. Dont know where the feelings all came from but feel awful now because you just cant explain it to kids - they shouldn't see me like this but I could not control my feelings. They are still out - I got dropped off back home - partner is not in the least bit understanding (his parting line was - 'as usual your mum spoils everything ' and he says If I'm that unhappy I should just leave - he's totally missing the point - and the point is that half the time there isn't a point when you are depressed - I think its just sheer frustration that leads me to this state. Does anyone else feel like this and what have you found to be the best way to cope when you feel like you are losing control as its just embarrasing and seems to create a whole load more problems when people see you crying.

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Oh dear debsg sounds like things are quite bad. It also sounds exactly like my situation at times. My wife tries to be supportive but she doesnt really understand. When I get cross over silly things I get blamed for spoiling things like a family day out. I didn't feel too bad earlier today. I think you commented on my blog earlier. We had family visit us for tea and I got quite irratable. They have gone now so I am chilling out now.

I hate loosing control too and getting cross with my kids. I just have to take it one day at a time and hope tomorrow is not too bad.



Oh it sounds as if you have had an aawful day! Family times are hard when you already feel depressed, I remember the same kinds of things happening. It sounds like you were depressed because of the row but were already feeling tense. I wonder whether that was to do with knowing you should be able to join in and enjoy things but you felt you wouldn't be able to? Does it help if you ask for a cuddle, or maybe you don't feel able to do that? It's difficult having rows about money, is there any way of sorting things out financially so those rows can stop? I often used to feel really bad when we rowed when the children were little, I used to feel it was all my fault and at the same time I felt it wasn't because I was depressed. If you love your partner then can you explain to him at a quiet time what went on in your mood changes today and what he can do to help? Men hate feeling helpless to make women better, it makes them feel useless which often prompts anger. Probably a cuddle all around would have helped!

Hope things pick up, but talking is always a good way of resolving things after a row has settled down.



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