i think i might be depressed

i'm worried that i might be depressed. I'm 16 years old and i've been feeling really low for about 7/8 weeks now. i've been crying most days during the week, i've been feeling really exhausted even though i get enough sleep each night, i've found it hard to concentrate in my lessons at college (i do A levels) and i feel like i can never do anything right.. also i feel like life isn't going to get any better; i think about death quite a lot but i know that i would never kill myself so would this still make me suicidal?

i haven't had any traumatic things happen in my life, no deaths in the family or otherwise so its nothing to do with anything like that; i think its mainly to do with college stresses (deadlines etc), and friendships (recently one of my friends who used to be my best mate ditched me for another one of my friends so it could be that this has contributed to me feeling this way) and i suffer with low self esteem, generally in how i look but also i don't feel as though i'm any good at anything.

i also feel as though i have no direction in my life, like i dunno what i wanna do when i'm older in terms of jobs etc. as well i feel like im under a lot of pressure to succeed and do well in my A levels, not from family but mainly from college and myself.

i just feel that im at the bottom of a really deep pit and i can't get out, and i just find myself wanting to stay indoors all the time and i have no motivation to do anything anymore...

i don't know if i'm depressed or whether i'm just going trhough a phase but i have had episodes of feeling like this in the past couple of years but this time its definitely the worst its ever been

help me please!! haha thank you xx


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7 Replies

  • I ,personally , believe that you are going through what all teenagers do..... questioning your self esteem, where your life is going and establlishing your place in the world. Teenage years are the hardest to go through, believe me , I know. As you say there is na lot of pressure to succeed these days. Just do your best and hang on in there. Your teenage phase will pass. Goodd luck.

  • Hi mopsopop , i'm sorry you are feeling like this at the moment , i can't definatley say if you have depression but clearly you urgently need some help and support of some kind.as you appear to be struggling to cope with your life . Being a teenager is a difficult time and i know how stressful studying for A levels can be .. is there anyone you can talk to , friends ,family ? there are many organisations who can help you ..You could talk to your GP ..Mind ( who have a young minds section ), Sane , Samaritans , to name a few . .Please talk to someone soon and let us know how you are getting . all the best

  • How about calling Childline for a chat? That's not to sound patronising, and I hope it doesn't, its just know of other people of similar age who have found support from the helpline x

  • Hi mopsopop, good on you for posting on here. Feeling the way you do for seven to eight weeks is too long, in my opinion. You do not need to struggle with this on your own. There is help available and the sooner you receive that help the sooner your life will get back on track. I would suggest making an appt. wit ur gp or get someone else to do it for you. Then you just have to say what u have already posted here and he/she can take it from there.

    U could tell someone you trust or ring any of the helplines in the meantime. Take care

  • Hi mopsopop,

    I can remember when I moved for school to college, that was traumatic in its self for me but eventually I made new friends and felt a little better about the whole thing.

    Like Suzie said, she always got good advice, give childline a ring, no one needs to know and it might settle your mind and you can then start to enjoy your college days.

    Also you could have a look at this it might help stop the crying now and again - bit.ly/BeDe2013

  • thanks for your help everyone, I've decided that I'm going to start going to see the college counsellor, do you think this is a good idea? I was thinking that if I still don't feel better after the counselling then I should go and see my GP? but I don't know if this is what I should be doing, but thanks for all of the advice guys xx

  • Do you feel cold and want to wrap up in something warm? A lot of depressed ppl I have dealt with in the hospital units. They are all wrapped cuz they are cold! Sounds like you are depressed! #1 If you had more self esteem, ppl can not hurt you!! On not being able to concentrate, go get checked for low Iron! Because if our Iron levels are low, we are depriving our heart oxygen, which means once it hits our brains! It's very impossible to concentrate! If that's ok you may need Adderal to help u focus! Get into PHYSCRIATIC help to start your meds. Your family Dr doesn't have a degree in this area! They give you what the vendors have just brought them tons of free samples! So this is what your getting! Your PHYSCRIATIST can lead you to a very good counselor! PHYSCRIATISTS are expensive. Most ins pays. But u only have to see them once a year for meds follow up ect. Don't discuss w ppl who has never had depression or aniety and focusing! They will look at you strange, and try to help. But when ppl don't understand what's going on. Better off not talking to these ppl! Good luck

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