Panic Attacks

Good morning

Today has finally arrived for me to go see CPN for on ongoing Depression/Anxiety/Panic Attacks re-occuring. I have been to CPN before & it has'nt really much bothered me.

I have'nt slept all night & I'm getting myself into such a state about going this morning. I seem to be finding it harder & harder to go out the door now unless its just up to my Brothers or Mums who both only live up the street from me.

I am on a heavy dose of medication for my illness but I dont feel like its working anymore. I'm feeling so tempted to ring & make an excuse as to why I can come.

I am going to have to go by taxi. I just cant bare the thought of getting on a bus.

I hate the way I'm feeling. I've suffered of & on 19 yrs but seem to be getting worse instead of better.



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4 Replies

  • Oh they are awful aren't they, BUT they are not going to kill you !!! Take small steps at a time, don't look at the big picture....too scary..... just small steps. Getting dressed, calling cab, getting in cab etc. And lots of deep breathing, slows the racing heart down, Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Hi

    I'm too late to offer words of support but I do hope things went well and that you got some understanding from the CPN.


  • Hi Sue, it was'nt too bad when I got there. She had a student in with her & I felt I held things back because I felt I was being watched. Maybe my next appointment on 21 March I will be able to be myself & be totally honest.

    Thank you.


  • Jackie,

    You should have told her you did not want to be watch as it was hard enough just tto leave the house this morning...

    maybe it would of been better for you to do so anyway remember this for next time, also this maybe of some help too -

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