Seeing other people happy can become infectious: it can fight depression!

My little cousins are the best! On Sunday, I'm giving them my old games. That's if their parents don't mind, and if they don't think: 'this will just clutter our house!' They must share them. Very important. Stern face here. Very very stern face.

I don't want them. I don't need them. I hardly play them... And if they don't want them, someone else can. But they're the first people I'm going to.

If it makes them happy, it'll make me happy.

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  • I feel the same, I have a little niece and seeing her smile makes me smile, it's infectious!

    X x

  • Hi, I too have a little neice who is 10. She came & stayed with me for 3 days on New Years Eve. She has such a busy social calender you nearly have to book a. appointment with her for a phone call. She is such a happy wee girl & is always so busy. She goes to Drama, singing lessons, tap dancing, dancing, plays the Cornet & now wants to learn the Piano. It costs my sister a fortune to pay for all these things but she is happy to do it because my neice is determined she wants to be on the stage. She has already been in a few shows at Belfast Opera House. She was in Bugsy Malone, Annie & is now rehearsing for Sound of Music, she is one of the Vontrap Children. She is so talented & it makes the whole family so happy & proud of her.

    Anyway when she stayed we went out for KFC (her choice) for lunch, The nest day we went to a new wee Milkshake Bar that does food & she had Panni & Milk Shake.

    We went into the shop & I told her to pick whatever sweets she wanted so she picked 2 of everything, the other was for me.

    She really lifted my spirits coz I never go out & listening to her stories of events & people made me laugh.

    My God such a session of things she does to her face before she even gets into bed. When she got into bed, beside me we both read our books & talked & giggled, she made me feel young again (I am now 50 but in my head I'm late 20's early 30's).

    I was sorry when she had to go home. She always gives you hugs & a kiss randomly & it is so lovely to feel loved like that. I wish there was an injection to make kids stay at a certain age when they are so happy doing the things they like.

    My Sister was glad to get rid of her for a few days as she says she never gets a minutes peace or break with her as she always has to be doing something lol.

    I have a 22 yr old son who has moved out & getting on with his own life. He is happy & that makes me happy for him.

    Take care both ladies.

    Luv & Hugs


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