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A friend in need, could be a stranger

This has been a place i come to to share my feelings and get support from other people who understand the daily battles with very dibilitating emotions. I am thankful that i found a place where i don't feel like a nutter or psyhco, i have been labelled both because of my depression and that i have counseling.

But sometimes on a good day, something happens to make Life really worth living. I met someone who i haven't seen in years, I did her a small favour and the smile it has given her, has made me smile just thinking about it. It dawned on me that just helping someone can bring so much happiness for something so simple, as kindness. This time of year is especially difficult for pensioners and others living alone, think of the times when just a friendly word meant so much. We need to reach out to those people as well.

If the honest and caring people on this site can do it for each other, lets spread the word.

'ARK' or 'Act of Random Kindness'

Rob B.

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totally agree Rob,



Yeah me too. Kindness is like an infection and just as easy to spread. Be kind and it comes back to you.

bev x


I believe what you give out you get back 10 fold.



Contributing to something or someone is so therapeutic. Ive just taken up some volunteer work on Sat afternoons, it breaks up the weekend and i feel like i can actually be of use. I'm not strong enough to deal with humans at the moment but animals need help too! And are far more likely to provide cuddles in return!


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